September 14th, 2005

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Gorillas on the Roof (and other Moving Tales)

We’re back on line, finally, at our new Glenbrook house. I am feeling very strange – over the 2 1/2 weeks since we moved, I almost adjusted to not having Internet available – I just refused to think about the groups and chat and lj reading I was missing out on. Besides, we were so busy unpacking… and still not finished! Now I have to work out which bits of my on-line life I have to catch up with first…

But first, a few previously’s, and the Gorilla Moving story…
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In other news:

The restructure at work is moving at just the right pace for my job to be advertised in October, when I’m in England. I’ll have to leave my resume with HR, I think, with instructions.

We went to see ‘Serenity’ for a second time on Monday night, tickets procured thanks to the alert Dr D. There was a Q&A session with Joss afterwards (he’s in Australia for a few days, promoting the film) and we all got autographs. Dr D had a ‘Blue Sun’ t-shirt signed. Brett got a "Spike the Wonder Gorilla' autograph. Might write a bit more about this later. We’re just about to head for the Glenbrook ‘Panthers’ Bowling Club for trivia night, so bye for now.