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I have just seen a notice about the 10th Knitting History Forum, at the London College of Fashion next Saturday, and am posting it in case any fibre-entranced friends are interested:

Program includes:
-Maj Ringgaard on The development of stockings 1600-1800: evidence from the Copenhagen excavations
-Helena Lundin on Shipwrecked knitting: Fragments from the Swedish Seventeenth Century Flagship Kronan
-Lesley O-Connell Edwards on Of stockings and sleeves: insights from some 16th century knitted items in the Museum of London
-Matteo Molinari on Crocheting Cultures: traditional Italian crochet practice in private and public spaces in Veneto
-Barbara Smith on “Wools for the World” – Wakefield Greenwood of Huddersfield and
-Ruth Gilbert on A complex knitting technique from Egypt: the evidence and some ideas
-There will also be a display of British Wools by Zoe Fletcher

Possibly too specialised for most, so I won't frown if you don't go.

ETA: I can't remember who I mentioned it to, but there's a nice note about Richard Rutt here:

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