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The briefest of posts, because I will be travelling again tomorrow.

Item One: St Ives Medieval Faire went off pretty well despite un-springlike heat.

Two: ten days around the South Island was busy but fun (Mt Cook was grand, but Oamaru was delightful, even without the penguins).

Three: Apparently Christchurch is now the only place in the world where this game is played... at least until B gets something going in Sydney (maybe).

Four: unbeknownst to me until recently, Mum (93) had developed cataracts that were causing her vision to deteriorate quite quickly. My sister said she was likely to be listed for an operation in November, which meant we would have to juggle dates between us to care for her post-op. However the procedure was brought forward into October, and while I was in Invercargill I went with her and Fiona to the anaesthetist assessment. I was quite happy - the anaesthetist seemed both competent and caring (he told us he'd been a nurse before becoming a doctor). Since her health meant she had to have a GA, there were a few issues that had to be discussed and agreed - on Mum's terms - at the appointment, and he handled these with sensitivity and respect. Also, the op was yesterday and Fi emailed to say all was well afterwards.

Five: I went to get__together last weekend. Roomed with [personal profile] mab_browne, [personal profile] born2slash, and [personal profile] dewey. Again, arysteia and the local crowd created a fun weekend for all. I did a mini-pimp for Dark Matter, a show I've been watching recently (unfortunately just cancelled, but I think there may be a comic or tv special in the fullness of time).

Six: as a result of a tweet from someone who was there, I now want a Pros vid to U2's Hawkmoon 269. I can already picture scenes, but I have no vidding software or experience... hint?

Seven: I will be in England in about forty-eight hours. I am pretty sure that I have missed replying to emails and such about meetage, due to NZ organising and so on - if you think I owe you some confirmation or other response, do let me know here or by messaging or FB etc if we are friended. I am working on my email backlist, but a nudge would definitely help!

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