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The Rover and Winter Camp

Backtracking continues for now – I thought I’d started a post about two 17th century-related events from July and early August, but I can’t find the wip file now *sadface*. Starting from scratch instead.

Event one (16/7) was a production of Aphra Benn’s ‘The Rover’ at Belvoir Street Theatre in town. A friend (who has all sorts of good ideas for going out places – a recent one was a trip around all the local historic cemeteries) suggested a group booking. And so we went. Synopsis – excellent production, energetic cast who all added something special to the night.

S/O to [personal profile] istia - the Rover was played by Toby Schmitz (Jack Rackham from Black Sails). And a very good job he did too. Lots of cast pics here:

The other event was our annual Winter Camp (5-7/8), out beyond the mountains. Friday night was horrible cold, with a wind blowing in from the west, so part of Saturday was devoted to building a windbreak that really helped keep things cosy around the fire when the same wind came in on Saturday night.

I may have been heard to grumble that I’m getting a bit old for hardcore camping, but that was either (a) when I was jointing a chicken and getting worried that I’d slice a finger off and not feel it, or (b) when struggling to get up off the ground and go to the loo in the middle of the night. Nah, it was fine – it didn’t rain!


(btw, none of the pics are mine, I'm just borrowing them for the post).

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