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Five Days To Look Forward To...

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1. This Thursday because I'm taking the day off work to finish my SantaPros story. I no longer cringe to look at it, and the infill bits I'm writing now are bringing it together well, but I need uninterrupted time to get it finally ready for editing.
2. The day I pay off my credit card again after my AMFAS trip to England in October!
3. 10th December – Routier Christmas Party, woo hoo! (that's the Aussie-based Pike & Musket Society, for the uninitiated).
4. The day we claim the prize B won at trivia night 2 weeks ago, which was $200 off 2 tickets to a show anytime in the next 3 months. Did I hear you say Sydney Festival?
5. Boxing Day – somehow I always enjoy this more than Christmas. Much less stress & we can just kick back and eat leftovers.

Tagging - anyone who wants to join in, I guess.
Tags: house&home, memes

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