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Cry me a river?

Most of you know me by now: if something doesn't fit, or if it's a bit of a mystery that needs closer examination, I'm there with magnifying glass in hand. I just can't help myself. I could use a bit of assistance on this one though - it's a relatively straightforward request for information, so maybe it won't run into the wall of silence my last, more conjectural post did.

As I said, I was at a reenactment event last weekend, so I had no idea that Josh had finally 'outed' herself until I read a few different things - including her blog post, timestamped 2015-09-18T11:33:00-07:00 and headed "Coming OUT with a New Book!". This would most probably mean it was posted in Pacific Daylight Time which fits with a California location. For those without World Clock to hand it's the same time as 7:33 PM in London on the same day (the 18th of September).

The first blogger commenting on this that I'm aware of was Nathan Burgoine on September 19th (2015-09-19T11:40:50+00:00), presumably therefore after Josh's post. The other two were posted on the 20th, after Nathan. Taking these timings into account, surely no-one thinks that the following remarks in Josh's original post are other than predictions of anticipated, future reactions - things that hadn't happened yet, might not happen, possibly (by now) didn't happen:
"all the dramatic, finger-pointing posts**"
" I can guess at the venom and vitriol"
" I was prepared for the hue and cry***. I won't deny that I hoped for a little more civility and sanity in certain quarters, but overall I've met with humbling support and kindness"
"A number of people have mentioned feeling hurt because I didn't share the truth--or foolish because they didn't guess it"
"I expected the bullshit. What I did not expect, what overwhelms me now is the kindness and support I've received over the last few hours"

The problem is, except for things I can't know about, like emails, I can't find anything on the internet that would actually count as a revelation or reaction before the time of Josh's post. Even after the event I saw nothing that a reasonable person would consider either venomous or vitriolic - everything seemed far from it! FFA got a bit exercised on principle (but Josh is unlikely to have gone there), while Ann Somerville has always argued that Josh is a woman and in any case pretty much just linked to Nathan and the other bloggers - again, after their posts. I started out trying to find something on Facebook, but after 10 minutes of trawling through gushingly supportive posts on Josh's wall I gave up, and Twitter seemed remarkably calm (although I may have missed a crucial 5 minutes somewhere there).

Does anyone know whether there have in fact been vile hordes chasing after Josh with pitchforks, or is this just self-protective hyperbole? Can anyone substantiate these statements of hers with links?


ETA2: Apparently the discussion is turning into a mix of comments about the previous post and this one, so I'm just noting that that's okay, and carry on!!!

ETA3: Apparently there is a link between Lanyon and Killian in (2005) - no copy so can't check (and it's a bloody expensive tome too), but it does suggest where the original rumours came from.

* maybe just a touch of sarcasm there.
** ...posts. Presumably public, unlike emails.

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