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Passport, get_together and stuff

Old Passport.jpg

I have to renew my passport so I can go to [profile] get_together in October. So I finally got my ducks lined up, and now my old passport will be filed with all the other old ones. I am rather sad to see it go, because I thought it was particularly beautiful - see just one of the double pages, which were all different, and there was a silver fern on the cover as well as the usual coat of arms. My new one should arrive soon, I hope it will be as nice.

I have finished watching two seasons of Penny Dreadful, thanks to a rec from someone at [community profile] sinpozium. Lots of excellent character play - I don't know what they plan for an encore but I'll be watching. I've also started on a couple of other recent series, but the one I want to watch lots and lots of by myself is White Collar. Totally missed it first time around.

Have also begun uploading stories to AO3. Slowly, slowly, and I'm grouping smaller fics like drabbles because they don't really warrant a whole post for each one. Thinking about one story reminded me about something I found on the net years ago - a Czech fic recs site, a "fanfiction readers diary". It's still up, and there are quite a few Pros stories listed, including one of mine. Apparently the reviewer wasn't sure what to make of it, because the translation was "Weird written, I finished it." *g*

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