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Escapadecon by Twitter, IWD, mason jars

Dashing dash-by...

I don't do twitter per se, but I do read and follow people via the web version. So, [personal profile] msmoat has been posting about the con, and a few people have been sending screenshots of Escapadecon objects - drinks in the con suite, fannish labels on bottles of wine, and panel notes scrawled on sheets of butchers paper. For example: Agent Carter panel:

I think this is very cool, and should be encouraged within the normal limits of not posting pictures of people or fanworks without consent, naturally. Alas not all panels have been covered (hint). *g*

And Zine, Escapade Zine - there is a download, you should get yours HERE. There are 2 Pros stories and much more.

Today is International Women's Day ... go us? Personally I'm now seeing feminism as a continual struggle, for reasons I did not consider when I was 24 and bolshie...

On the Berkeley student-run course on fanfiction - I would recommend havocthecat's post and linkspam. Also THIS - for the cucumbers *g*.

Speaking only for myself - concrit, I welcome it. I may have made a sad face or two occasionally (YKWYA), but please - never mind that, I do always appreciate constructive reactions.

Kiwiana, prompted by Bistocon memories - this is what we had instead of Mason jars, remembered from my mother's kitchen. Agee jars and Perfit bottling system.

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