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Home Alone

On Friday B headed off to Jervis Bay on a kayaking expedition with some new mates. I've been watching the FB updates from one of them, who is possibly a little bemused by this strange tart 'liking' his watery adventures.

Meanwhile I arrived home on Friday evening and encountered the booby trap left for me in himself's haste to get out the door after work: he'd obviously decided not to take the folding chair that we've been houseminding for an unknown party since forever, and stashed it behind the door; that was the proximate cause of the Company partisan being knocked sideways, across the door, lodging against the pentangle mirror (purchased years ago in Christchurch & made from recycled NZ timber). I then attempted to open the door, which caused the partisan to break the hook holding the mirror, which fell onto the brass Monkey King statue underneath, which did a tricksy somersault and (luckily) ended up caught by a padded footstool thingy we keep various bits and pieces in. The mirror landed safely as well.

I now have to figure out a better place to store the partisan.

Then on Saturday I went out shopping, and when I came back I noticed a splattering of blood drops on the driveway. Come to think of it, there were drops in the bathroom as well that I hadn't noticed when I woke up. Texted B who replied that he'd gashed his head, but it was okay because (friend) had fixed it for him. Friend is a vet. I have yet to see if this involved stitches.

Oh well. I went to Penrith library on a whim, and came back with loot from their book clearance. 20 cents a book.
Library Loot Penrith 09/11/14

(I'll add the actual image to lj, I'm just not fond of what DW does to pics.

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