kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Delurking for a minute to ask a question, because I've been reading reviews of 12AM. I wasn't going to make a trip - after 'The Country Girl' I felt a little cautious about Bill Kenwright's revivals of older plays, even those with Martin in them - but this one seems like a once in a lifetime experience.


I'm also looking for local insight - if I make a trip it would be between 22 Dec and New Year's Eve and the first thing would be to book tickets. I know there aren't any performances on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, 29th or 31st December. Anything else I should know?

Oh, and if "stuck" in London for a few days during the Christmas period, suggestions of things to do? I'm a museums and galleries kinda girl in winter weather, if that helps...
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