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Podfic? Podfic!

How many of you listen to podfic? I've just started: I needed hands and eyes to do some chores, no-one else in the house, I thought I'd check out the very few (3) Professionals podfics that seem to be available.

I have to admit to some trepidation, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Jojo has a lovely, clear voice for this, and her two story selections, one of her own and 'Crazy Maniac' by Jackie Thomas were excellent. I had a small problem with Culf's - the sound was very low, therefore there was a lot of background static when I turned up the volume. She has a nice voice though, lightly accented, which didn't bother me, although a few phrases seemed indistinct. After reading her entry about making the podfic, I think I understand - she should definitely record more, but maybe not when her folks are asleep in the house!

Having run out of options in my fandom, I tried some others from Jinjurly's archive. I started with 'Written by the Victors' (SGA: story by Speranza, podfic by Lim & a cast of dozens). Nothing like jumping in the deep end *g*. Unfortunately I was overreaching - I'm sure that someone more familiar with the show would have followed it better. I liked the alternating voices concept, though.

I'd actually read the next story - 'We were Emergencies' (Avengers movie, Clint/Natasha: story by gyzym, podfic by revolutionaryjo), and enjoyed it and found it interesting enough to read again a few months later. Not sure if that made a difference, but in any case this podfic was a very accessible version. The present tense felt natural when spoken, where I had in fact struggled a little with it on my first time through the written work (my preferences in that respect tend to be traditional).

Lined up is a Due South story read by andeincascade, an SGA/firefly and a Buffy one read by jinjurly, and a Ritchie Holmes/Watson I picked up on a rec, but I've listened to the beginning and I'm not sure that it will work for me....

Opinion? well, I'm glad that there is podfic in the world, and I wish that there was more in Pros. I initially thought that it was more an accessibility measure but while that's an excellent reason by itself I can see now that it is much, more than that.

So what do you think?

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