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Easter re-enactments

My home smells of lemon and garlic and cumin because I'm marinating lamb strips overnight. You know that means I've got a few days to myself, right? *g*

Had the most wonderful trip away this Easter. There's a pine forest just outside Armidale where a local Dark Ages group holds biennial Gatherings. Since 1992(!) Actually there was one in 1990 that got rained out, but a few silly fools *g* made it to that one anyway, and some of us count it as a kind of unofficial first.

I've been doing 17th century for the last decade and a half and haven't been to a Gathering for years. I couldn't stay for all of it - curse you, real life! - but what I did experience made me feel terribly nostalgic for the old days. Beautiful site and lovely, welcoming people.

Here have some photos:

Jackie and I drove up Thunderbolts Way in gorgeous sunshine. How amazingly green it all is after the rain:

Here, have some more green *g*:

This is Langford Homestead, an historic house in Walcha, basking in the afternoon sun:

Autumn! Trees!

Friday morning. Lots of people still setting up, but the feeling of slipping backwards in time is growing

I went for a long walk through the pine forest, to the top of the hill and down again. Brought back many memories.

Splashes of colour by the track.

I have a few photos with actual people in 'em, but they'll have to go in a separate post.

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