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RWC playoff: A few thoughts

Watching the rugby:

- Tackle on Williams (W) - ouch, not nice
- Barnes (A) definitely didn't get brought into play often enough this tournament. Works well with Quade...
- Oh no, Curtley (A) *sympathies*
- looks like a game, though...

ETA: and now Cooper off, injured (A)! ACL?

No, 9 for Wales is pretty (see, not all serious *g*)

Human bodies at their peak, subject to repeated, chronic strain in training and on the field. No surprise, this is when things break down.

Good attacking from Wales just before half time. Aussie defence holds, counter-attacks. Wales again. Whistle!

Second half:

Wales' defense seems disorganised compared to their attack, which is still good, despite having given their all last week.

Ack! Wales need someone who can actually kick. Halfpenny?

Soccer try. Again Hook (W) can't kick it. Wales need the Eden Park hoodoo in their favour tonight because they can't rely on their boot.

Pocock (a) leaking "claret" again. James O'Connor (A) really doing well with the kicking - a counterpoint to Wales' performance that might mean the match.

I think Wales are exhausted. They did 120% last week, tonight feels like 90% or less, kicking aside. Not sharp enough, or inventive - it's the creativity that wins matches that's lacking.

10 minutes to go....

They made a break there... oh, that was silly.

Digging deep, making inroads, then mistakes.

Just reminded that if Australia win this will be the first time at Eden Park since 1986.

O'Connor is on line but short.

Berrick Barnes (A) drop goal - beauty!

Wales attack with everything they've got, keep knocking against solid backing up from the Wallabies. Again, and again... losing it, O'Connor takes the break, fantastic run... that is cut short with ball capture by Wales! Kick to touch.

Aussie attack, and it's a solid try to the number 8. That's done it. Men at Work playing *g*. 21-11, less than 3 minutes left.

Wales attacking after the 80 minute mark. Really going for it! The crowd wants the try - and they keep going annd finally Halfpenny (W) goes over! Jones (W) converts without seeming to think about it, and the game ends. Australia 21 Wales 18.

ETA 2: added (A) and (W) for the players & tidied up a little.
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