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I must, I must...

I really, really must get back to some sort of active lj life. No excuses, this time I have a completely free long weekend. No committments or distractions. See how long it takes me to post this...

...Right. It's Sunday night, I've got the England/Scotland game recorded and ready to watch, and a post. An actual post :):):)

Well, I ended up pretty tired after the trip last year and certain things that were happening around me, both good and bad, got to be too much. I fell into one of those cycles where posting was something I felt should do, and a stress. Then commenting got to be the same, then I thought if I took a break altogether it would work out - yeah, not so much. I have a ton of unfinished draft posts and comments sitting around on my PC from all of that.

So I figure the only thing to do is just get on with it *g*. And to get into the swing of things again, this is a quick review of the highlights of 2011 so far. Almost no downer stuff, and the only thing missing is Easter and just afterwards in Canberra, because I did manage to post about that.

January: Took B to the Boxing Day sale at a sporting goods store, looking for odds & sods to make the camping life easier - we ended up walking out the door with one of these,, which led to this:
Our very own kayak in tandem configuration. This picture was from a long paddle on the Nepean River on the Australia Day weekend. Taken during a break on the way upstream.
Me, in the kayak, on the river. I'm looking happy, so it must be morning.
The Nepean River, heading upstream. See that bend ahead? We reached it. And the one beyond, and the one beyond that...
Eventually we ran out of easily navigable river. That didn't stop B, however! Get out and pull!
We finally(!) reached the Nortons Basin swimming hole around 1 pm. Unfortunately I can't post a picture of the waterfall that feeds into the basin as I couldn't manage a shot without kids in it. They took to the kayak like crazy so we had lunch and a swim/rest while they paddled about. Then we headed off on the 5 hour return journey. Strong words were used during and at the end of it *g*.

February: swamp hen chicks around the lagoon; more weekends on the water and a trip to Newcastle - alas when we got there the brewery was out of gingerbeer, and I didn't take any good pics;
swamp hen chicks

I did do this screencap at the start of Proswatch 2011. At the time I really wanted a picture of the inside of Doyle's ID.

Home Front: major plumping repairs make a mess of finances - and front yards.

April: B went to see William Shatner in Sydney - I could have gone, but I was still reeling from the expenses in March. And let's face it - I'm not quite the Shatner fan B is :) He also went to the VIP Q&A session before the show and recorded some of the interview: and

The next photo deserves some explanation. At the end of 1995, B and I had just moved in together. Early in 1996 he got the opportunity to go to Moscow to a meet-up of people from a mailing list he was on, Friends and Partners in Space. Well, he was going, no matter what I thought or said, so naturally I insisted on packing my bags too! Jens Kieffer-Olsen was one of the other attendees at FPSPACE96. In mid-March he emailed us to say that he'd be in Australia in April revisiting old haunts - oh, and running a marathon! Would we like to raise a glass with him to celebrate Cosmonautics Day? We would, and we did:

May: was the month I got called back into service with ALHF. I had thought that was behind me. I'd been a founding member and everything but over the last few years had become less active and I finally resigned from the committee a couple of years ago, for good, I thought. May was also Blacktown Medieval Fayre month....
Here, have a picture of me pulling a face just after being squeezed into my pikeman's armour at BMF. No, the front and back sections don't meet at the sides any more. Do I need to shed some kilos? Yup.

June: around these parts we do not speak of June.

July: a group outing to an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite works at the Art Gallery of NSW. about a dozen of us went. Some dressed up for the occasion (p.s. if you can't see the picture, it's because we aren't friended wherever you're reading this. Sorry about that, it's a privacy thing).

Ohhhh, seriously, I think I need to stop there. Let August take care of itself, although I may come back to September soon, since it's only just become last month.

One more moment of stupidity - while I was writing this post I went back into my Inbox to check old messages - and promptly managed to delete the lot! So if I've missed something of yours that I need to reply to, please pm me again *shameface*.

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