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England 2

Here am I in London again (Kingston really), eating left-over from the writing week Fruit 'n Fibre out of a coffee cup. It works quite well - they are large cups, and I'm using the juice from the pineapple and a couple of the milk portions that go with the hospitality coffee & tea, because there's no way I'm paying the nearly ten quid the hotel wants for a full breakfast.

I have a charged up oystercard, and was going to visit the Museum of Docklands today, maybe the Wallace Collection as well, but I woke up feeling almost as tired as when I went to bed. Who knew a writing holiday would be so exhausting *g*. So that's tomorrow's plan instead. Probably do some shopping today, I still have some room in my bag.

Monday before last we were headed north to visit Brett's cousin Margaret & her husband. I'd booked late morning train tickets so we could get to Euston in off-peak, but that was the same day as the 24 hour tube strike so we decided to leave around 9:00 instead. It turned out not to matter, as the Northern line didn't seem to be badly affected and we were actually early for our NR connection (for anyone who knows B it will come as no surprise to hear that he grumbled about that - he hates waiting!).

Margaret & Bob (parents of Ben, who visited us a couple of years ago) live near Lymm, in a lovely house surrounded by fields. We stayed there for 3 days and apart from a lot of family stuff, we:

Enjoyed the green fields;

Walked along a canal or two;

Saw other people chilling out on the canal (the guy on the R hand boat had his own party going on the roof of his narrow boat - wine, music and some food which he shared with the ducks and swans);

Visited The Sweet Shop (I didn't buy any Penguin of Death chocolates, but I did get some other delicious things);

A pub, of course;

And took the dog for walks, this one along what used to be a railway track but is now part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

On a family history excursion we found the grave where B's ?great-grandfather was buried, in Allerton, and went to view the house his father grew up in, in The Dingle (street view towards Birkenhead).

This piece of street art was interesting. All the cases have the names of famous Liverpudlians on them.

I thought Liverpool cathedral was impressive both inside and outside, but it was the gardens below that I could have lost myself in for hours.

So much more... I'm afraid I'm going to leave it there for now, because it is almost lunch-time and I haven't had a bath yet...
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