kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

I'm like a fine piece of machinery, I need lubrication

From Four Hours On, Four Hours Off" by FJBryan:

"Who uses spit? That's only for desperate circumstances."

Go your attention? Good. This here's a poll - about spit, and sodomy, in slash Prosfic.

Thank you for continuing, please select your choice from the menu:

Poll #1586328 To spit or not to spit, that is the question

When I read a detailed sex scene and the only lubricant involved is saliva, I...

think that it's incredibly unrealistic, not to mention painful. Saliva is NEVER enough. Never.
can deal with it under certain circumstances, e.g. the author writes/implies *lots* of relaxation/preparation, or something like rimming occurs beforehand
think that's perfectly all right
have an opinion that doesn't match any of the above choices, which I may explain further in comments

Thanks for your participation. Results and analysis to be posted later ;)

ETA: notifications aren't getting through to my yahoo account. Sorry for any delays in replyng.
Tags: lubequest, pros background research, slash, the_professionals, tmi
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