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Winter Camp

I've been a little lazy about my re-enactment posts lately. My group now has a blog, and there are plenty of snap-happy Routiers who are more talented at photography than I am. However I got inspired over the last weekend and took several pictures (under the cut).

What can I say about Winter Camp? It was cold (-5 degrees on Saturday night) but dry, with clear skies most of the time. Anyone wandering away from the campfire late at night was rewarded with an awesome night sky display (yes, the southern hemisphere does have more stars *g*).

We had fun, ate hugely well thanks to everyone on the catering team, drank, sang, shot, drilled, drank some more, talked about anything and everything under the sun and stars and generally exhausted ourselves. I've spent most of the week recovering (back at work, alas).

It was a cold, clear frosty morning.
The early risers get the fire going again. Detritus from the previous night (song books, overturned stools) still in evidence.
What happens when you leave a bucket of water outside overnight.
Frozen olive oil.
Visiting Polish boyars instructing in the art of the sabre.
The younger members (and some older ones) coloured in the targets.
Round one of the Captayne's Cup competition, down in the gully.
Jackie, queen of campfire cookery.

This weekend - back to the Big Bang with fingers crossed I can make the word count by the deadline!
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