kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Short comments on "For the Greater Good"

Well. I'm sorry GF Newman fans, but GF again managed a few moments that threw me solidly against the same wall of disbelief that had me losing patience with the later episodes of JDD. Characters spouting one-sided rhetoric along the lines of: politicians pronouncing on regulations about organ donation for transplantation independent of expert medical advice? Done completely Out Of Context and misleading. Line about "meat rotting in the colon"? I've been given that one before, sorry, not true. Put the anvils away, GF, you're not doing anyone (including your own causes) any favours by trotting them out every time we come over for coffee.

Apart from that, the social issues that were the actual focus of the show seemed (from this non-Brit perspective) to be pretty well done. For ex, the questions about police access to automatic weapons reflect actual concerns, as AFAIK the British police forces have always cited "need to know" regarding their ability to deploy and use some pretty heavy firepower when considered necessary. AIDS in prison, prisoners rights and the deafness of politicians to unattractive issues or persons - well done. Police bias and harassment of bars and clubs frequented by gays/'shirtlifters' - again well done.

Balloil's wife looked like she was wearing a star trek uniform at one point - kinda cute, in a tacky way.

Gay club - was that Adrian Lester who passed Balloil the news about the two detectives? Yes! IMDB fail here. #

I thought Martin nailed the part of an essentially good but not very strong man caught between family and desire, duty and obligation.

# I love Adrian Lester from 'Hustle' - the show that's like 'Leverage' only they did it first.

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