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*groan* Big party last night. I might have had 3 hours sleep if I was lucky.

First of all, I spent too much time in the morning downloading vids. My new favourite is this one:A Fire is Burning
although I liked Alone as well, for different reasons.

So I was lateish for the Routier drill session in the afternoon, which was a practise for next week's Guy Fawkes' Day reenactment at Parliament House. Although apparently all the Government pollies are now going to be in Dubbo for the day, so the audience is going to be limited to security guards & floating tourists.

Then on to Louise's for sausages, sauerkraut & beer. Good to see some old faces: Gross & Buffy & Dave S all turned out for the night. And we had wine as well, and dice, and good times until 4:30 (daylight saving) at which point I unrolled my sheepskin & collapsed onto the nearest clean stretch of carpet in the lounge. The largest pot for the night was over $85 in a marathon round of La Puta Madre. We also had c17th dancing - no major injuries were sustained, thankfully. Praxis played the music for us & did very well.

But I could have killed the buggers who decided that 7:30 am was a good time to get up and start yapping outside the French doors of the lounge room.
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