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This month in rugby

Welsh Rugby star comes out

Good on you, Gareth. May you live in peace and happiness.

In other reactions...

Huh? Was this sympathetic piece actually published in the Daily Mail? The same newspaper that had no qualms about running Jan Moir's hateful opinions about the death of Stephen Gately? Obviously sales are more important than a consistent editorial position, or anything like that.

I also checked out Planet Rugby's thread about the announcement. Now this is a pretty blokey forum, the insults (real and jokey) fly thick and fast, and I'm warning anyone who decides to go there that there's a fair amount of fail of different kinds in comments. But the majority of posters did respond positively to the news. And I was pleased that when one particular fool made a badly homophobic remark about GT, he was jumped on from a great height and ended up apologising.

And I'm glad that members of the Wallabies have taken a stand.

Where are you, All Blacks?

ETA: Badly worded article, but... OK.
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