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Pros History - Australia

I've been really bad about posting and answering comments lately, but I can at least report that I've been busy on Pros things in a behind-the-scenes way. A while ago enednoviel asked me if I knew when Pros first aired in Australia. I only had vague memories (some of which turned out to be wrong). Anyway I thought that maybe the National Library would have copies of TV Week for the period, so I wrote to them. They referred me to the NSW State Library and I eventually got around to getting a readers card and reserving a bunch of volumes of issues from 1979 onwards. It took me a couple of goes, and I still don't have a definitive date for the first episode shown because there were some issues missing, but my best informed guess at this time is that it was probably 'Old Dog, New Tricks' on 25 August 1981. ETA: based on comments I need to go back to the earlier missing issues - might take a while.

The list so far is underneath the cut. I might go back in a little while and look for repeats - I only went as far as 1983 and The Hatstand Express (1984) mentions that the show was back on air then. Also I should recontact the ANL now I know what I'm looking for & see if they have the missing issues.

Ep No. Episode Title Date Timeslot
Note 1: Missing issues prior to screening of WTJE on 1 Sep 1981 include: July-Sep 1980; Apr-Jun 1981; week of August 22 1981
In August 1981 The Professionals took over the 8:30 slot on Channel ATN 7 from Quincy ME. They were followed by The Sweeney at 9:30.
Missing week Tues 25 August 1981 (possible start date)
3 Where the Jungle Ends Tues 1-Sep-81 8:30 PM
4 Killer with a Long Arm Tues 8-Sep-81 8:30 PM
5 Heroes Tues 15-Sep-81 8:30 PM
30 Dead Reckoning Tues 22-Sep-81 8:30 PM
29 A Hiding to Nothing Tues 29-Sep-81 8:30 PM
33 The Purging of CI5 Tues 6-Oct-81 8:30 PM
31 Mixed Doubles Tues 13-Oct-81 8:30 PM
35 The Acorn Syndrome Tues 20-Oct-81 8:30 PM
Missing week Tues 27 August
37 Weekend in the Country Tues 3-Nov-81 8:30 PM
39 Involvement Tues 10-Nov-81 8:30 PM
No episode November 14 1981 but a beautiful pin-up in TV Week!

34 Fugitive Tues 9-Feb-82 9:30 PM
32 Need to Know Tues 16-Feb-82 9:30 PM
36 Slush Fund Tues 23-Feb-82 9:30 PM
2 Long Shot Tues 2-Mar-82 9:30 PM
3 Where the Jungle Ends - R Tues 9-Mar-82 9:30 PM
8 Everest was Also Conquered Tues 16-Mar-82 9:30 PM
5 Heroes - R Tues 23-Mar-82 9:30 PM
30-Mar-82 replaced by 1982 Academy Awards
Missing week Tues 6 Apr 1982
6 Private Madness Public Danger Tues 13-Apr-82 9:30 PM
Missing week Tues Apr 20 1982
9 Close Quarters Tues 27-Apr-82 9:30 PM
13 Klansmen Tues 4-May-82 9:30 PM
10 Look After Annie Tues 11-May-82 9:30 PM
12 Stake Out Tues 18-May-82 9:30 PM
11 When the Heat Cools Off Tues 25-May-82 9:30 PM
Missing week Tues Jun 1 1982. Also, Brideshead Revisited commenced airing on 1 June (ABC channel 2)
8 June 1982 displaced by Big League (State of Origin match with Rex Mossop)
15 Hunter/Hunted Tues 15-Jun-82 9:30 PM
22 June 1982 displaced by Seven's Big League (State of Origin match with Rex Mossop)
17 The Rack Tues 29-Jun-82 9:30 PM
16 First Night Tues 6-Jul-82 9:30 PM
18 Man Without a Past Tues 13-Jul-82 9:30 PM
27 Stopover Tues 20-Jul-82 9:30 PM
14 Rogue Tues 27-Jul-82 9:30 PM
20 Not a very Civil Civil Servant Tues 3-Aug-82 9:30 PM
21 A Stirring of Dust Tues 10-Aug-82 9:30 PM
22 Blind Run Tues 17-Aug-82 9:30 PM
1 Old Dog with New Tricks - Advertised as R Tues 24-Aug-82 9:30 PM
28 Runner Tues 31-Aug-82 10:00 PM
2 Long Shot - R Tues 7-Sep-82 9:30 PM
40 The Gun Tues 14-Sep-82 9:30 PM
42 Blackout Tues 21-Sep-82 9:30 PM
25 Servant of Two Masters Tues 28-Sep-82 10:00 PM
Pros replaced by Not the Nine O'Clock News from 5 October 1982

43 It's Only a Beautiful Picture. Sat 12-Feb-83 8:30 PM
45 Hijack Sat 19-Feb-83 8:30 PM
47 Kickback Sat 26-Feb-83 8:30 PM
44 Blood Sports Sat 5-Mar-83 8:30 PM
46 You'll Be All Right Sat 12-Mar-83 8:30 PM
19 Mar -> 7 went movie mad for a while & didn't screen many series programs in prime time except (most notably) Quincy, Trapper John & Cop Shop

23 Fall Girl Thurs 30-Jun-83 9:30 PM
41 Wild Justice Thurs 7-Jul-83 9:30 PM
45 Hijack - R Thurs 14-Jul-83 9:30 PM
26 The Madness of Mickey Hamilton Thurs 21-Jul-83 9:30 PM
48 Discovered in a Graveyard Thurs 28-Jul-83 9:30 PM
51 The Ojuka Situation Thurs 4-Aug-83 9:30 PM
50 Operation Susie Thurs 11-Aug-83 9:30 PM
Not broadcast 18 August 1983 due to Mike Willisee special "Kids of the Cross" (docudrama - Baz Lurhmann co-directed & acted)
30 Dead Reckoning - R Thurs 25-Aug-83 9:30 PM
29 A Hiding to Nothing - R Thurs 1-Sep-83 9:30 PM
37 Weekend in the Country - R Thurs 8-Sep-83 9:30 PM
49 Foxhole on the Roof Thurs 15-Sep-83 9:30 PM
Untitled episode shown Thurs 22-Sep-83 9:30 PM
Missing week
55 Lawson's Last Stand Thurs 6-Oct-83 9:30 PM
57 Spy Probe Thurs 13-Oct-83 9:30 PM
54 A Man Called Quinn Thurs 20-Oct-83 9:30 PM
56 No Stone Thurs 27-Oct-83 9:30 PM
53 Cry Wolf Thurs 3-Nov-83 9:30 PM
24 Backtrack Thurs 10-Nov-83 9:30 PM
No known first air date for:
1 Old Dog with New Tricks
7 The Female Factor
19 In the Public Interest
38 Take Away
52 The Untouchables

Ugh, the formatting looks horrible. I can't get columns to stay in line - help?

OMG, the air dates were all over the place! A run of series one, then a jump to series three, then they started showing repeats before they got to most of series four!

I have all the above info in a spreadsheet along with a fair amount of extra data - shows preceding and following, what the rival channels were showing at the time (incomplete due to running short of time - a task for another day, perhaps), occasional notes about contemporary media matters... pm me if you'd like a copy.

The air dates are correct as far as I can tell for Sydney. IIRC, Melbourne air dates were similar, although there might have been occasional variations for local specials. Others may wish to correct me on this.
ETA The channel was ATN 7 (Sydney).
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