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A 'Professionals' site tour of London

We started from our Earl's Court hotel, which proved to be a pretty useful base for our explorations. Location mapping was from Dave Matthew's site, collated by metabolick - many thanks. We decided on Hammersmith followed by locations around Kensington High Street. Assistance provided by the AA Street by Street pocket guide to London - invaluable.
(# = episode photo opportunity)

Transport route (using off-peak travelpass):
1. Morning tube train after 0930 from Earl's Court to High Street, Kensington - 1 stop.
2. Picked up a No. 27 bus Hammersmith bound, right outside the tube station. Nos. 9 & 10 also go there. Takes about 5 minutes.
3. At the Hammersmith bus terminal we changed for a no 209 'C' bus across the Bridge. When we asked the Information Desk guy which bus to take, he said "a red one". Must be a boring job.
4. (FF #)Walked back across the bridge to the Hammersmith side. Located Doyle's old flat, the one nearest to the corner in a row of almost identical entrances (Cnr Lower Mall & Mall Road). Photographed scene shots of the river embankment, Thames path & the Bridge.
5. A short walk back to the depot, then we caught the no. 27 bus from stand 'H' back along High Street to Holland Park entrance (FG - #), which we had passed on our way out (note - best to get off at the stop after Addison Road, a little way before the park entrance). Walked up the long path to Holland House and surrounding gardens(#). The area walked by Bodie & Marrika in front is, I think, part of the open air theatre adjacent to the House - gates were closed when we were there. Not entirely clear on this. There's a YHA Hostel close by in the park as well. It's a nice park, worth a wander if you have time.
6. Walked from Holland House into Abbotsbury Road and from there to Oakwood Court. Doyle's flat from DIAG is most likely to be the one at the end furthest from the Park - number 63-84a. The fire escape is also accessible from the alley around the back. (DIAG #)
7. From Oakwood Court back to and across Kensington High Street to Edwardes Square. The Scarsdale pub (FG #)is at the far end of the arm of the square nearest the Odeon. A very acceptable place to stop for lunch.

8. After lunch, we took the Circle line to Tower Hill. Trinity Square is right outside the tube exit, and there is a fabulous view of the Tower. Add extra time if you want to do a tour here. We didn't bother as we'd both been before.
9. Tube to Waterloo for the Royal Festival Hall which is undergoing a major makeover. There is also a pier that wasn't there when the episode was filmed. But the tree and flagstones outside are still the same. OK, the tree is bigger. And one of the flagstones is a bit cracked. Probably from the weight of all the Pros fans wanting to stand where Bodie stood, or rather, crouched (FN #).
10. Tube or walk across the Hungerford Bridge to Charing Cross and from there to Trafalgar. I walked the bridge & K took the tube, but I think that in actual distance+stairs terms there isn't much to choose between the 2 options. The bridge offers an excellent view.

All of the above is very achievable in one day unless you want to do additional sightseeing. The only change I'd make if I was to do it again would be swap 9 & 10 around. There was a reason we did it in the order above, but I can't remember what it was. So, following the general rule for such things, it can't have been all that important!

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