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Lew in "A Night on the Town"

OK, the Bodie Weekend thing is off and running on various lj's, and I think I've seen most of them if they've been cross-posted to the safehouse, ci5hq or teaandswissroll. This contribution isn't strictly Bodie - it's a picspam from "A Night on the Town", a pastiche song-and-dance show that Lew did in 1983. The main attraction for fans is Lew - he looks gorgeous throughout and sings well, if not brilliantly - but the whole thing drags a bit. They needed a better plot to hold all the pieces together IMO.

Lew and Anne Reinking have great chemistry. My favourite segment, however, is the one in the New York speakeasy, where Lew sings and dances along with Elaine Paige. My second favourite segment is the Paris one at the end, because the ensemble performance in that one is kick-ass.

In the introduction Lew and Anne, playing a photographer and an advertising designer, are in a vintage clothing store looking for 30's outfits. Lew's expression in the second shot is so cute:

Via the usual mysterious machinations they are swept away to a 30's Berlin cabaret, where both characters receive attention from attractive members of the opposite sex. This is where Lew has his first "across a crowded room" moment with Elaine (not shown).

Next stop, a swanky soiree in London:

followed by New York and the speakeasy. Check out the fourth pic for a hint of Lew tongue action:

The New Orleans section should have been great, with Eartha Kitt singing and all, but I thought it was a bore. Lew still looks gorgeous, though, in yet another natty outfit:

At last, they arrive in Paris. Doesn't Lew look suave in that jacket (and don't you love the expressions on his face):

And we're at the end. TBH I can't remember what happened - I think that there was a hint that Lew and Anne's characters, who were merely friends and colleagues at the beginning, might have realised that what they had together was better than each of them chasing after their dream pretty man or woman, but I don't remember if there was anything definite. Who cares anyway *g*.

ETA: Found the Youtube links, Funny, they wouldn't come up for me yesterday when I was searching:

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