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First up, thanks to people who joined in with my joining in on the "one word" meme. It was a good one. I won't reply to individual comments, because I would be saying the same/similar thing to everybody, but I thank you very, very much for sharing (and if you missed the kick-off, the bar's still open).

Secondly - I haven't shoved my RL in your face shared much RL with you lately. So beneath the cut be pictures taken in the last couple of months. Warning for arachnophobes - I'm posting a couple of pics of a lovely Golden Orb spider and its web, taken outside our house mid-January. And lots more besides, so just scroll on down...

B's best mate, Steve, and his newish girlfriend came up from Hobart to visit us over the Australia Day long weekend. Steve and B were once known as the "Glimmer Twins" of Australian 17th century reenactment.

We drove up the GWH, pausing at Lawson for lunch, then on to Katoomba and a tourists-eye view of the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley.

It was windy.

Summer has treated us relatively kindly. The hot weather didn't arrive until mid-January. Late December was a good time for small critters: this golden orb spider spun its web across our driveway one Sunday night.

I'm not mad keen on spiders. I barely tolerate a couple of house-type ones that have their webs high up on the kitchen ceiling near the back door, because they catch flies and other insects and don't move away from their filament homes. But isn't this a pretty one?

We had about three weeks of really shockingly hot weather, from late January to early February. With the lagoon just across the road we didn't end up with any parched wildlife in our backyard, apart from a much pecked-upon outcast swamp hen we named 'Tatty':

'Tatty' was attacked a lot as a young bird. I don't have a picture of her from back then, but she really was a mess, and the other birds missed no opportunity to harrass and peck at her. As a result she spent most of her days hiding in our back yard. We started feeding her, first with muesli, then with wild bird seed mix. She was starting to recover, then the attacks renewed, possibly because a lot of the other birds were nesting or rearing young chicks. She lost a lot of her flight feathers in early December, but bounced back and is now almost indistinguishable from the other swamp hens (called pukekos in NZ).

I remember conversing with Joan about my backyard birds.

For Valentine's Day we went on a picnic to a bush area we'd never been to before, over kilometres of unsealed, bumpy road.

It was raining, so we had a car-picnic (anyone else familiar with those?). Then we wandered about the area, and B took a picture of me next to a pool. The tree was dripping drops of water down my collar, what can I say?

It's been raining a lot recently, as this newish addition to the lawn can attest:

So there it is - my life, or something like it.
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