kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Isle of Wight and SHOES!

My friend J is also a reenactor and obtained a pair of historical reproduction shoes from a shoemaker by the name of Kevin Garlick. She gave me a contact email address before this trip, and I duly sent a message, but had heard nothing by the time I left Australia. So I rang J this morning and asked for his phone number, thinking I would keep the hire car for however long it took to visit him or one of the other recommended suppliers and order shoes to fit my (somewhat duck-like) feet.

"Where does Kevin live?" I asked, after J gave me the number.

"Isle of Wight" she replied.

Stunned silence for a moment: "I'm in Portsmouth!"

I tried to ring, but got no connection. The bloke at the guest house said the number was a mobile & might be switched off. But K announced her intention of taking advantage of the good weather by visiting the Isle today anyway, so under persuasion I trekked to the Information Centre and tried ringing again. This time I got through and was told the shop would be open until about 5. We took the hovercraft to Ryde after which we split up and I took a train and bus to Ventnor on the other side of the island. I found the address without difficulty and entered. 20 minutes and £190 later I walked out with a pair of soldier's closed shoes and another pair of ladies green latchets with raised wooden heels. I am so stoked, I have been embarrassing myself by wearing a hand-me down pair of B's which are marginally better than my own old falling apart pair but, being a couple of sizes too large, flap on my feet like paddles. The Captain has been commenting too but I think he'll be impressed now *g*.

Here's the website:
Tags: re-enactment, travel

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