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I've been feeling everyone's pain as they work on their dialj stories *g*. My own has been growing slowly, at about 300 per day, and I figure I need at least 8,000 to do the tale justice. But this morning I got up & wrote almost 600 words of the climactic scene, straight off the bat (the plotty climactic scene, dammit - so far this story isn't registering very high on the smut-o-meter), and it is good! Now I just have to go back and write another 5,000 or so to get to that point. And the slashy denoument, of course *g*. That's about 1,000 per day, to give time for betaing. Yep, I can do it!

As an intermission, I bring you something I wrote over on the Pros Forum, in response to a question Chiara wrote about lack of discussion about guns on the Forum.

Doyle's gun in 'Spy Probe'
Doyle uses a fairly hefty looking firearm (not his own) to blow the heads off some dummies early in the episode. Dave Matthew's site has this to say:
The Python is Colt's top of the range piece. A six-shot revolver generating enough power to blast a round through two bodies! However this produces a huge recoil and near-deafening noise! Used by Doyle in 'Spy Probe', we think, though James Harris suggests it might actually be a Smith & Wesson Model 29 (as used by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies.)

OK, here's some photos:

Doyle's Gun Doyle's Gun
Firing 1 Firing 1
Firing 2 Firing 2
Flaming dummy! Flaming dummy!
The gun again The gun again

Here's a link to a Wiki photo of a Colt Python (note the "full barrel underlug, ventilated rib and adjustable sights"):

EDIT: sc_fossil says that Hutch uses a Python. I found screencaps here:
and here:

Hutch's gun looks like a Python to me!

Here's a link to a Wiki photo of a Smith & Wesson M29:
And (for good measure) a Model 19

Ignoring the barrel length (I suspect the one Doyle's using is 6", the ones in the pics are either longer or shorter), I'm pretty convinced that he is using a Smith & Wesson, not a Colt Python. I'm not convinced it has to be a Model 29, but it's a bit hard to tell from pictures. All S&W's with the same styling look very similar to me!

Mayli's gun in DIAG
Given a discussion on erushi's lj about Doyle's injury, I also became interested in the gun Mayli used. We get some good shots at various angles:

Not so detailed - but a cool shot anyway! Not so detailed - but a cool shot anyway!
Side view Side view
Top View Top View
Base view Base view

I thought, and the RSLH concurs, that it's a Beretta, probably an M34, with a silencer attached. You can see the ring thingy (technical term *g*) and the extension to the grip quite clearly in the caps. Pic here:

"The weapon fires the 9mm short round and because of this has limited offensive use due to the low power of the round."
The Armoury, Kevin Dockery, Ann Arbor 1983

So a lowish velocity, not very powerful gun. Makes sense.

Edit More detailed information about weapons used in "The Professionals" is available at the Internet Movie Firearms Database. I first found this site in early 2009 and since then a lot more information has been added, including a more accurate identification of Mayli's gun. Honours due to whoever is doing the work over there!

Right, back to story-writing!
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