kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Wireless connection is shite, but here I am at Kingsford Smith, waiting for my Wellington flight. And after that my Invercargill flight.

OK, just forget all of that stuff... "it" (Optus, laptop, I'm not sure which) refused to let me post (although I'm quite amazed how lj remembered about 50% of what I typed when connected to Optus wifi in Sydney and regurgitated it at cyberzone here). So anyway I'm now in Wellington airport waiting for the Invercargill flight, in about 1/2 an hour. Good timing, actually, although I think when I get there I will collapse & die sleep like the dead, on account of getting up at 4:30 this morning. Which admittedly was like 7:30 Kiwi time, but still...

I saw various cool things when I arrived - like wow is on again - I took mum last time I was here, 2 years ago and it was fab. Suspect there won't be time this visit. Think I'll pop into the museum & check out the tuatara eggs instead. Or something.

Also, bits of Wellington Airport are being renovated again. I lived here thirty+ years ago, for a year, and it was a standing joke - which bits are they doing things to now? It's nice that some things haven't changed.

Now - important stuff - pros fen, I need some help (srs help). More beneath the cut:

I've been mad enough to volunteer a 15 minute "Pros fandom told through vids" presentation at get_together. I have a DVD of vids - a fair selection of classic and recent - to pick from. Which ones should I use and in what order? Bearing in mind that apart from arysteia, mab_browne, sethra2000 and maybe one or two others, most of the others aren't Pros fans. All suggestions gratefully received.

OK, the sun is shining something fierce through the big airport windows behind me and I can barely read the screen. So I'm going to duck & run... hope to catch up with youall in a day or so as the folks don't have Internet.

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