kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Tintern Abbey and The Globe

Saturday night we went to 'Measure for Measure' at The Globe theatre and it was FANTASTIC!

We drove from Cardiff in the morning, stopping briefly at Tintern Abbey (very pretty), then on to Horley near Gatwick airport where we found our guest house, changed & caught the train into London. As it turned out, we only had to change at the next station up the line & the transfer took us directly to London Bridge where we hooked up with 2 different sets of friends, one fannish, the others reenactment. The Londoner in the group recommended a Japanese seafood restaurant in the market, so we went there & it was very good. The friends all seemed to get along too, which may add further weight to K's thesis that reenactment is just a different type of fandom.

After, the 2 J's, a friend of theirs & I took off for the Globe. It looks amazing both outside & in. There are concessions to modern requirements for health & safety, such as modern lighting and railing, and the ground floor was wooden, not earth, but I found these not at all jarring. I was in the gallery (because you get to sit down there, and originally K was going to come until realising that the seats had no backs and the performances are up to 3 hours long), while the others were on the ground area. I took a few shots until they asked us to put our cameras away.

The play was a reconstruction of a 16-17th century performance, with an all male cast. The entertainment started with music, and from there the introductions and scenes flowed into one another
seamlessly. The actors themselves did all the scene changes, but instead of lowering the lighting they used music & dancing to let the
audience know it was a change. High energy, very funny performances from the whole cast. The costumes were great - I couldn't see much detail, but J1 (who does reenactment with The Tudor Group) tells me that whilst they are machine sewn, in other respects they are very authentic.

Back to Horley just before pumpkin time.

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