kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Birthday Drabble for londonronnie

Hon, I'm very, very sorry this has taken so long. I had an idea (one of my favourite scenes from the last episode) but my muse decided to take a mid-year holiday. She came back the other day *g*. In recompense, I've added a couple of illustrative pics from the episode.

Just look at Bodie's eyes.

Thanks a bunch, mate. You cut that a bit fine, didn't you?

I knew he wouldn't do it.

I almost fouled up. You almost died.

I thought he'd lose his bottle like he did at the old lady's. Thought it was safer to wait. He's never killed anyone in cold blood.

Timing's everything, but I should have taken him down sooner. Yeah, bawl me out. I deserve it.

Told you once I was always afraid, remember? Never told you why, never told you the fear I have for you, every damned day. Your blinding courage, all the risks you take.

One day, I'll tell you everything. Just make sure you live that long, OK?

Just give me hope.

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