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In praise of the indefatigable Marge Harper...

Backtrack. I really do love this episode. It didn't start off as a favourite, but it's grown on me over repeat viewings. I can see I'm not alone, either *g*, there have been some great posts about this one.

One on its own to start with: byslantedlight posted some beaut caps of the stoppage scene, including one from just after Doyle says "thanks". This cap goes directly before hers - in fact there are only a couple of frames showing Bodie looking at Doyle from that angle, before they get up and get on with it. 'Blink and you'll miss it' territory, but isn't that a lovely smile Bodie's giving Ray?

A while ago arysteia posted about making fandom cocktails and I attempted to overwhelm her with TMI about cocktails mentioned in Pros episodes, including the recipe for the highly improbable Marge’s Lightning.

"Gin, rum, and green chartreuse. Very sexy." Watch Doyle’s face as he tries a mouthful *g*

Marge thinks that Doyle is just lovely, but she’s sooo suspicious of our Bodie:

But she gets down to business with the two of them (note the jug full of premixed Marge’s Lightning in a handy position)

And she’s very serious when Alf tells her there’s a “couple of very nasty-looking gents in a car outside”. Don’t cross Marge!

Later on, she instructs the Lads in the art of cat-burglary. She’s changed outfits, but she’s still got a cocktail glass as an accessory…

You can see Bodie in the mirror in the first two pics!

Dear Marge. I’m glad she turns up in a lot of stories. Maybe we should make a list… Nice Boys by Lizzie, Telling Marge by Kate MacLean… others?
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