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25 December 2020 @ 11:52 am
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The lads had to travel to Pago Pago for this one, and since they're on holiday I thought perhaps they (and you) would like to play a game. It's tenuously (very) based on the 7-7-7 meme, only instead of my WIP I've selected the 77th line and 7-ish following from 7 favourites stories. Unnamed, so if you would like to try guessing the titles/authors, have at it!

Line numbering will depend on the published source as viewed on my screen so we may not match. Also, I don't count spaces or headings/subheadings (or count, sometimes... all errors are my own).

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Discovered so far:
1. 'Sunshine and Cemeteries' by Slanted Light (found by murphybabe)
2. 'Lightside' by Anne Carr (helenraven)
3. strongly hinted at by author!
4. 'Jigsaw Puzzle' by HG (byslantedlight)
5. 'Transients' by Helen Raven (murphybabe)
6. ...a sequel to a classic, if controversial, fic
7. 'Like Gravity' by Halotolerant (hagsrus)

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I have a date for brunch and must run... but I love this pair, with tense, scruffy Doyle, and what's going on in Bodie's head, hmm?

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DW readers: Crossposting fail - Days One and Three are only on my LJ. Sorry!

I wanted to talk Tumblr today. I got myself one a while back but I'm very quiet. I have made a list of a few Tumblrs that have Pros content though, and I even know who some of these people are in journal-land *g*: dailypros, ali15son, quimaimenemesuivepas, heliophile-oxon, jothehat, minori1009, cobwebs1968, fuckyeahbodiexdoyle, ramesesniblickthethird (T'hy'la), awestruckandtonguewagging, guiwatson, realpotztausend, dementedpixie66, thekesslerboy, bodie37doyle45, scarletmanuka, sw33n3y2...

Hey, you know we were talking about the green scene yesterday? Well, take a look at the blues and violets here, Doyle's overalls and the bedspread and cushion - and the poster on the wall - in the middle picture!

(not the original poster, but reblogged with a comment I really liked)

So... definitely not questioning Tumblr's place in the fannish continuum. It's just me - I feel quite inept trying to navigate around, so if you're a regular user and have advice, I'd love to hear from you.

And if Tumblr doesn't interest you, this is something I have had for a little while, meaning to post, as always. The Art Gallery of NSW summer program of cinema classics included Polanski's 'Macbeth', and they used this picture in their advertising. Unfortunately all the 'Macbeth' screenings were over before I got back from NZ :(

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I was looking for pictures of either of the Lads taking notes, after byslantedlight commented on the one of Bodie in Backtrack. I didn't get very far, but I did find this (thanks to Lisa's Frame Capture Library for the pic). It's the scene from KWALA where Bodie appears with a towel on his head, looking nicely refreshed, and Doyle tells him they have thousands of Greek VIPs to check, and Betty's been there helping him for hours, only she's gone home....

Maybe Doyle's just a little disgruntled here? Apart from that I did notice the nice colour matching: shirt, phone, pen, beer...

We're hosting a Working Bee tomorrow and I had dreams last night about trying to buy sausages for forty people. Hah! If more than four turn up I will be marvellously happy.

Today I thought I would do a writing meme that's been popping up in my flist recently:

1. Go to page 7 (or 77) of your current WIP.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
Tag seven other people.

I don't have a 'current' WIP as such, I have 3 or 4 that I drag out and do something with when I can. So here's oneCollapse )

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The first is CI5-verse but with an alternate reality twist, the second is pure fantasy AU. I would have added a "proper" CI5 one, but the 7-7-7 derivation for that was dead boring - back to the drawing boardword-processor!

No tagging - most of you will have seen the meme already, feel free to join in!

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Basically this is my "I saw it when on holiday and if I don't talk about it now I never will" post.

I think I can say, unspoilery-like, that the original cast are ALL totally watchable in this.

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Reaction: I didn't hate it, it is miles better than the prequel, {%character} rules.

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21 January 2016 @ 08:05 am
This is for byslantedlight's Safehouse Pros challenge... although it's Thursday morning here, so I'm using Lads' time *g*

One of my favourite moments:

no title

And one favourite femme (glowering at one of our lads here):

no title

Not the snazzy new versions, I don't have too many of those loaded in my scrapbook where I can grab them on the run... cya!
29 December 2015 @ 07:55 am

Livejournal links:
the_safehouse A place for all Professionals fans (primarily slash-focused)
discoveredinalj Slash, but gen-friendly comm for seasonal/festive challenges
pros_pearl A community celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'The Professionals' - slash/gen
ci5hq Story recs and discussion.
The weekend I just had:
- Flew to Wellington NZ.
- Had end of week drinks with nephew before
- meeting up with fangirls at the Oaks Noodle House
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Stone Trolls.jpg
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